Sarah Blake, a native of South Carolina was never one of your typical southern belles. She was always seeking a way to express herself, motivate others to be themselves, and she aspired to live freely.


Sarah began her career in beauty, photography, and fashion in 2010. She started out as a professional photographer for sport which supported her through cosmetology school. She fell in love with the art of makeup and became a professional MUAH in 2013. As a muah, she met many models who inspired her creative outlet and curiosity of the industry. In July of 2015, she met a wonderful woman named Vivica, who took her under her wing and molded her for the future. Within the same month, Sarah obtained her first publication and was reborn.

She received the name "Ruby Noir" from one of her photographers who saw the precious and priceless potential she possessed. 

Ruby became passionate in her new career finding a profession that catered to her skills and talents. Discovering endless ways of self expression. 

Ruby has worked with many different photographers, artists, events and stores; each set being different and original than the last. Constantly proving to others what she is capable of, Ruby pushes boundaries of what is expected as beauty. Known for her determination, passion and self motivation, Ruby continues to achieve her dream of motivating others to be themselves and living freely by expressing herself through opportunities of being a dresser, a stagehand and modeling.

She hopes her photos help others find courage to express themselves and live their dreams. Showing that any possibility can be a reality.

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